Roula has curated and exhibited in Lebanon and abroad in solo and group shows, and permanent collections.


“Permanent Exhibitions and Auctions Locally and Internationally all year long”


“A.R.T. Auction”, 2018

“Riverside Gallery”, London, 2018

“2018 Clyde &Co Mena Awards”, Dubai, 2018

“lakefield Gallery, Achill Island, Ireland, 2017

“Without Veil” Achill, Ireland, 2017

Curating and Exhibiting “MUSE”, Kulturzentrum Jounieh, 2017

"A.R.T. Auction" 2017

“Riverside Gallery”, London, 2017

Gallery Rochane "Christmas Exhibition”

‘’INTOXICATION’, German Cultural Center, Jounieh, 2016

“SME WORLD SUMMIT. Dubai” Atlatis, Dubai, 2016

“Art For Life” Le Yacht Club Beirut Gallery, Zaituna Bay, Beirut, Lebanon, 2016

”A Tribute to Lebanese Artists”, LAUMC, Beirut, Lebanon, 2015

Curating and Exhibiting, “Beirut International Art Show 2015”, Monot, Lebanon, 2015

“Riverside Gallery”, permanent exhibit, Barnes, London UK, 2015/2016

 “London Fair”, Barnes, London, UK, 2015

‘’Art and Culture in Hammana, Lebanon, 2015

“Dubai WAD”, world Trade Center, Dubai, UAE, 2015

“American University of Beirut, NGO’S exhibit”, Beirut, Lebanon, 2015

‘’A.R.T. Auction’’, Beirut, Fall, 2015

“Mystical Island” Achill, Ireland, 2015

 ‘Kobo Art”, permanent exhibit, Dubai, UAE, 2014/2015/2016

Matignon, permanent exhibit, Beirut, Lebanon, 2013/2014/2105/2016

“A.R.T. Auction”, Beirut, 2014

“Art Basel Miami”, Florida, USA,  2014

“Acill in ART” Achill Island, Ireland, 2014

“Generis, Auction”, Sky Bar, Beirut, Lebanon, 2014

Curating and Exhibiting, ‘’Sunset Odyssey’’, Byblos Edde Sands, 2014

“The Hang Out”, permanent, 2014/2015/2016

‘’A.R.T. Auction’’, Beirut, spring 2014

“Bergerac”, 2013/2014/2015/2016

‘’The Exclusive Exhibition’’, Curated by USIA, at BVLGARI Hotel &Residence London, UK, 2014

"Karina Sukkar" Gallery, 2014

‘’A.R.T. Auction’’, Beirut, 2013/2014

Curating and Exhibiting, “Hilton Hotel”, Private Show, 2013

“LIVE/Art Interaction Multimedia” La Post-exposition @La Baraque, Montreal, 2013

“Permanent Exhibition in Museum of Mtein, Lebanon”

 “LIVE Art_Multimedia_Interaction  Black&Blue Festival 2013”,  L’ARSENAL, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, r 2013

 “ART Belém 2013” in Centro Cultural De Belm, Portugal, Curated by USIA , 2013

"URBAN Design" permanent exhibition, 2012/2013/2014/2015

"ART' N More’’, permanent exhibition, 2012/2013

Curating and Exhibiting “Theatrical Enigma”, C. Fattouh Gallery, Lebanon, 2013

“Hilton Hotel, Induction Day Lions Club”, Lebanon, 2013

“Galerie Matignon”, permanent exhibition, 2013/2014/2015/2016

“In The Mids”, Art of Innovation,  Florence , Italy, 2013

“Cutting Edge”. Masters of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy, 2012

“La Galerie Rochane”, Christmas Exhibition, Beirut, Lebanon, 2012

“Women’s Show” Goddess Festival, New York, USA,  2012

"La Galerie Rochane, permanent  exhibition , 2012

“ Portal to Enigma” Agora Gallery, New York, USA,2012

“Lions BCD Hermes Art & Passion Talent Exhibition”, Unesco, Beirut,  Lebanon, 2012

“ La Galerie Rochane  Christmas Exhibit”, Beirut, Lebanon, 2011

 Curating and Exhibiting “ Artmonies” La Crypte  de St. Joseph, Monot,  Lebanon, 2010

 Curating and Exhibiting, “Art’n Nature”  Tam Tam et Pomme De Pin, Lebanon, 2009

 Curating and Exhibiting,“39 Distric Convention”  Lions Club International,  Habtour, Lebanon, 2008